Born in Chung Wha, R.O.C.  Taiwan.

2008              Bachelor of Fine Art, Studio Art – Mixed Media, Western Washington University
2007              Bachelor of Art, Studio Art - Sculpture, Western Washington University.
2001              Bachelor of Architecture, Feng Cha University, R.O.C. Taiwan.

Group Exhibitions:
2009              6 x 6 x 2009 - Second and Final year, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, NY.
2009              8th Annual Recycled Art Show, Bellingham, WA.
2009              Allied Arts Membership show, Bellingham, WA.  
2008              Byproducts, Mindport Exhibits, Bellingham, WA.
2008              Reaching Light, Blue Horse Gallery, Bellingham, WA.
2007              Dream City, Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA.
2007              Building Takeover, Bellingham, WA.
2007              Vendita di Arte, Bellingham, WA.
2007              Departure, Lucia Douglas Gallery, Bellingham, WA.

Invited Exhibition:

2008 The Mind of Anxiety, Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival, Bellingham, WA.


Multiple-Media Performances:
2008             The Mind of Anxiety ---Series 4. Fairhaven Village Green, Bellingham WA.
2008             The Mind of Anxiety---Series  3. Old Main Theater, Western Washington
2008             TheMind of Anxiety---Series 2.Whatcom Museum, Bellingham WA.
2008             The Mind of Anxiety---Series 1.  PAC Main Stage, Western Washington University.

2008            An Anxious Artwork. The Western Front, ARTS & LIFE, February 12 .   
2008            Best-Bachelor of Fine Arts Project. The Bellingham Heralds, Take Five Campus, February.
2008            The Mind of Anxiety,, March 04



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